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Season One Trailer

September 14, 2018


Beats and Measures is proud to announce our first season, launching September 21st, 2018! The show trailer is already available for streaming and download on your favorite podcasting app. Subscribe now to get notifications as each episode is released, and make sure to rate us, it helps us A LOT!




Trailer Transcript


(We've made a point to make transcripts as accurate to the episodes as possible, nonetheless, transcripts may contain errors.)



[Record needle settles on record]

["Strangest Blues" by Jimmy Wilson comes in]

Chloe Hey guys, I’m Chloe Behrens.

Brian And I’m Brian Howey.

Chloe I’m your resident music aficionado and rehabilitated bridge troll.

Brian And I’m a local journalist and recovering freight train junkie.

Chloe Brian and I are based in beautiful Oakland, California.

Brian Where we live…together...

Chloe And we’d like to tell you about our new podcast from Studio to Be. It’s called Beats and Measures.

Brian A show that explores how music shapes people and people shape history.

Chloe Today’s political climate has widened a lot of cultural gaps, and we believe that music is one way to bridge those gaps.

Brian It’s the common denominator between us all. If we can understand the music, we can start to understand the people who make it.

Chloe In each episode of Beats and Measures, we’ll unpack a music genre or tradition by looking at the cultural and historical contexts that it came from.

Brian Then, we’ll see where the music is headed today.

Chloe In our first season, we’ll take a look at tunes from our home, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Brian Some music will take us back in time, to Oakland’s blues scene during the 40s, and 50s...

John Brown When the sun goes down, this is a party time.

Dickie Lacey Everybody seemed so HAPPY! Just FUN!

John You go down on 7th Street and do your business. Whatever you gonna do.

Dickie You had people selling all kinds of things. Their bodies, drugs, anything you could name.

John ...and beautiful women!

Dickie Every other block there was music going on.

Ronnie Stewart In them days you had either a hot band or a hot jukebox.

Chris Strachwitz They were playing really low-down Texas blues, you know, penitentiary blues.

Chloe ...We’ll follow the man who pioneered the unique sound of the Oakland blues....

Bob He said he always liked the blues sound. And so he decided, him and a friend, to go to


Chris He started recording the people who had drifted out here during the war, most of them.

Bob Geddins Jr. My dad never even had a contract out of all the years he was in business with no artist. So a lot of stuff got taken from him…

Brian ...and chronicle the downfall of it all.

Cheryl Fabio The history of African American communities is that displacement starts with the freeway.

LarryVann You had a lot of places to play that, all of a sudden, they weren’t there anymore.

John Now they’ve been displaced and pushed away.

Cheryl I try not to be a bitter person but it’s hard.

Chloe Some music will show us a side of the city we rarely experience…

["The Dance" by Zebra Operation plays]

Brian Like the world of buskers; street musicians who play their hearts out for handouts.

Tamera Chance And it hasn’t been easy...some days I make some actual money, and some days I just make enough to sort of get by.

Chloe And some of their personal hardships...

Brian [in interview] What was your parents’ reaction like when you came out?

Tamera Well, I don’t think my dad was as shocked. I think he was depressed...But I just don’t relate to the world in the same way that you think I should.’

Brian [in interview] What way was that?

Tamera You know, being raised as a male.

Chloe Some music will transport us to other countries...

[Jarana music plays]

Alberto You have all these elements that are from everywhere but have coalesced in Yucatan.

Chloe ...when we look at musical traditions brought to the Bay Area by indigenous Mayans from Guatemala and Mexico.

Alberto Jarana music and dance is one of those pieces that people leave behind to come to a different place... when they get the opportunity to have it back, it just becomes a big deal.

Francisco [Translated from Mam] Why do we value the marimba so much? It’s because it’s part of who we are, it’s part of our culture, part of our identity, it’s who we are in our hearts.

Brian We’ll dissect the events that pushed many Mayan immigrants out of their homes….

Francisco [translated from Spanish] ...After that the soldiers came to the town of Todo Santos and there they killed people, they burnt peoples’ homes...and so because of that conflict...many people became refugees.

Chloe And how American politics have affected them now that they’re here.

Marta [translated from Mam] They told me I was going to be deported... and I would cry and I really believed that I was going to be sent back.

Alberto They really are afraid of going to the hospital, or to report a crime, or in general, engage with any city agencies if they don’t have to.

Chloe The Mayan episodes will be available in both Spanish and Mam. All that and much, much more coming soon.

Brian So, if you’re interested in discovering a new kind of music, or want to learn more about your favorite genre, subscribe now on your favorite podcasting app and look for our first episode, coming September 14th.

Chloe You can check out our website at BeatsandMeasures.com, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for episode updates, events and extras like photos and videos. @BeatsandMeasures. Goodbye!

Brian Later!

[Jarana Music plays, fades out]

Brian  Beats and Measures is a production of Studio To Be in Oakland, CA.

Chloe Executive producers are: Joaquin Alvarado, Ken Ikeda, and Kristin Belden

Brian Edited by Cheryl Devall

Chloe William Sammons is our sound engineer.

Brian And a special thanks to Kristina Loring for everything. 

Chloe This podcast was created by your hosts: Brian Howey and myself, Chloe Behrens.

Brian Thanks to JSP Records, Zebra Operation, and the Yucatecan Orquesta for providing music for this trailer.








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